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製造業、ものづくりの撮影 / 広告制作
グラフィックデザイン / エディトリアルデザイン




社名 / 長嶋パブリシティ合同会社
設立 / 2023年3月

​本社 / 〒240-0003 神奈川県横浜市保土ヶ谷区天王町1-23-20 クリンカストル304
​代表 / 長嶋一憲

​事業内容 / 製造業・ものづくり業の宣伝に関する撮影 / グラフィックデザイン / エディトリアルデザイン

長嶋パブリシティ合同会社は横浜を拠点とし、製造業やものづくり業に向けた広告宣伝の会社です。代表はKazunori Nagashimaの名義でフォトグラファーとして実績があり、グラフィックデザインの経験も豊富な長嶋一憲です。


長嶋パブリシティでは、お客様の商品やサービスについて深く理解するために、撮影や制作の前に丁寧なヒアリングを行います。 経営者や従業員の皆さまの取り組みや熱意、商品やサービスの特徴などをお聞きし、本当に行うべき作業を吟味した上で見積りを作成します。




Nagashima Publicity LLC is a new company based in Yokohama, Japan, that specializes in advertising and promotion for manufacturing and craftsmanship industries. The company is led by Kazunori Nagashima, a photographer who has exhibited his works internationally and won prestigious awards. Nagashima has a deep understanding and experience of craftsmanship and the Japanese traditional culture, as he worked as a Japanese language lecturer in Kuching, Malaysia and as a stage scene carpenter at Kabukiza Theatre. Under the name of Kazunori Nagashima, he has been shooting both commercial and fine art photography, and has been selected three times for the International Photography Awards and won the gold award at the Graphis Photo Annual. He has also exhibited his works twice in France and participated in photobook shows in the Netherlands and the UK. In addition, he has a rich experience as a graphic designer, and has designed product catalogs and various advertisements. Nagashima Publicity LLC leverages Nagashima's extensive experience and achievements to provide optimal advertising and promotion for manufacturing and craftsmanship industries. We offer high-quality and original advertising production that showcases the charm and value of the clients' products and services, from photography, editing, catalog and pamphlet production, to web design. Nagashima Publicity LLC conducts careful hearing before shooting and production to deeply understand the clients' products and services. We learn to the efforts and passion of the managers and employees, and create estimates after carefully examining the work that should be done. Nagashima Publicity always aims to achieve higher effects by being close to the clients. We aim to continue creating new value in the field of advertising and promotion for manufacturing and craftsmanship industries. If you are looking for differentiation from other companies in the same industry, please call us for a hearing. We are sure that Nagashima Publicity brings you new perspectives and approaches.

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